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Seris Traditions – Super Video Production

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One more of the Kinobay’s area treasures.

This next map area (below) shows Punta Chueca (the beatiful video’s scenes) and more places and opportunities to visit and consider:

Learn  more about all the area features and opportunities.

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You can be surprise …

Know more about our area: no natural disaster effects (hurricanes, tsunamies, fires, etc). The new secure area.  Here


  1. Rubi Castell says:

    Great Video and Kino beach. Soon we will be there. Congratulations

  2. alfredo Guerrero Escandon says:

    Beautiful images of the Seri People, thank you. Is it possible for USA citizens to visit the Seri land and possibly stay and enjoy the people and the natural beauty?
    Alfredo Guerrero Escandon, Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

    1. administrator says:

      Yes… you can drive to the Series area but not sure if you can camping there. The Hermosilo Gov office organize one day tours.

      1. Andrey says:

        Dr. Elemental y querido Watson, sf3lo puedo decrlies una cosa: sigan jugando…hol Sus, no tanto, no tanto… a ver si las citas virtuales se convierten de una vez en reales, que ya tengo morrif1a!!!ey, Kill! me olvide9 completamente de dejarte el tele9fono, claro, con este frenesed en el que vivo, ahora mismito… hol Nancy! pues si, salieron refajadas pero felices. Y es que afan se ven cuerdas de la ropa con semejantes modelitos… para gustos colores… Y si, hay me1s cosas, muchas me1s cosas. Seguiremos informando, ju, ju!Bueno, te cuento, en este sf3lo un collage de papel, pero en otros trabajos, aparte de photoshop, hay acredlicos, pasteles… Mezclar es un placer!

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