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First stage ends – $ a million and 500 thousand applied to Kino Bay

The Government concludes the first stage of the expansion of the “Sea of ​​Cortez” main street in Kino Bay.

The work was unveiled by the Coordinator General of Tourism, Javier Tapia Camou, who explained that this phase includes the paving of 1.7 miles to Bahia Estela course (where the Marina is planned to be built), which had an investment of one million and 500 thousand pesos from the three levels of government.

“The work is part of what will be the new Kino circuit, that in the future intends to make a one-way Main Street and pave a parallel, in order to improve vehicular flow and enable the mobilization of rafts, boats and trucks for these streets, “he said.

This stage of the expansion of the boulevard was paved with reinforced concrete and allowed lists household connections and drainage infrastructure for future developments.

Camou Tapia recalled that there are investors interested in building a marina at Kino, which would trigger the development of this destination with a comprehensive proposal for which they are already working on the project executive.

He said that will be later this year when they begin the work of that work.

Javier Tapia Camou and the Director of the Municipal Institute of Culture, Arts and Tourism (IMCATUR) Alberto Nevarez Grijalva walked the beach where many people already enjoy their holiday and talked with some of them to know what their perception of the place, the found that while many of them come from other Mexican states, Chihuahua and mainly from families found in Las Vegas, Nevada and other states of the United States.

During the tour Tourism program distributed pamphlets to all the trash bags and monitored to develop the operating normally Easter called “Sonora Santa.”


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