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Sonora is emerging as a state leader in health tourism.

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SONORA HOSPITALity – Health Care plans for US residents Coming soon available in Mexico!

GOOD NEWS for people from USA and Canada and their retirement plans!

Hermosillo, Sonora, June 9, 2011 .- Sonora offers great advantages to detonate the new trend in the industry such as removal assistance. Therefore, working in the Tourism Development Commission Statewide consolidate it as the destination for thousands of foreigners choose once they are retired.

Some of the factors contributing to Sonora for this type of tourism are its border location and its climate, friendly people, beaches and cities, air and land connectivity and especially the quality of medical services and hospital, said Arturo Romero Malpica, COFETUR Sub-coordinator.

He explained that after the joint participation of government and providers of medical services and tourism in Congress and Exhibition of the Mexican Association for Retirement Communities which took place in the city of Guadalajara, established new relationships and lines of action to promote this project in different markets that are interested.

To this end, various strategies have been designed which aim to coordinate all the sectors involved to achieve better results without duplicating efforts, increase service quality standards and brand positioning “Sonora” Hospitality “in the U.S. and Canada, in a first stage.

Sonora Hospitality Booth was the most visited, as many states want to replicate the model of Municipal and State Advisory Councils has been constituted by the Secretary of Health of Sonora, José Jesús García Bernardo Campillo and building projects carried out with various developers for this item.

Versión Ampliada y en Español -> AQUÍ

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  1. Bill Crysler says:


    My wife and I are Canadians with a home in San Carlos, Sonora. We are planning to relocate full time to San Carlos in the fall of 2012. Our background is in health care and government services. We have developed a business opportunity that we plan to initiate in San Carlos and potentially expand to other parts of Mexico – the creation of a Canadian standard independent and assisted living retirement community. Kino Bay is another area under consideration. We are presently looking for investors to support the San Carlos development, encompassing a 16 unit independent living facility combined with a 10 unit assisted living complex. We will be grateful for any assistance or advice you might have as we search for suitable investors, along with any thoughts about the potential for such a development in Kino Bay.

    Thank you.

    Bill Crysler
    Victoria, British Columbia

    San Carlos, Sonora

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