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IT IS REAL! – A new paved road from Bahía Kino to Punta Chueca.

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The works go fast and also working the Sundays!

New paved road kinobay to puntachueca  - sea of cortez sonora´s costera project

New paved road kinobay to punta chueca - Sea of Cortez - The Sonora's costera project

FOR YEARS has been a lot of  ideas, and dreaming projects for the KinoBay´s area and it is normal a lot of people dont beleive anymore nothing about . That is why we (KinoBay.com) went to Punta Chueca this last sunday (ags 21) to verify the works. AND we had a good suprise!.

A road that will benefit KinoBay’s residents, which will trigger the development of a wide area (KinoBay north) and opportunity for Investors.

They were working in Sunday and we saw we saw enough people and equipment working at least at four points of the road where they were working and preparing the area and building bridges to prevent the new road from floods (fords). That means that it is the development of  the COSTERA ROAD and not only a road to the Seri’s community.

We will see soon the the impact of this investment because this will permit and benefit lands and projects adjacent to the new road, and the north area of KinoBay.

Punta chueca - kino bay - new paved road - works in advance

If you are interested to know about land sales opportunities please contact us


“The road will help for a better development of the Seri’s community, this road also will continue to the northward to Puerto Libertad and by this, the Seri’s community will no longer be isolated”

“Soon this road project will join the -Carretera Costera- from Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) to Kino Bay.  An easy and direct way to connect California to Kinobay”

Punta chueca - kino bay - new paved road - works in advance

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** A great opportunity for the LANDS ON SALE that are in KINOBAY and beside the new highway to punta chueca. FOR EXAMPLE:

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  1. We should be back in KINO BAY by the first of November. VAN & EVELYN

    1. administrator says:

      GOOD and maybe you will see more surprises by then.. Maybe an operational airport again or/and the works for the BAHIA ESTHELA BLVD that will connect directly Kino viejo with the new Marina area! .. Have a nice weekend FRAN

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