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Sea of Cortez

Sea of Cortez



Real Estate


New! A spectacular OCEANVIEW big hill prepared to start to build 120 houses, or a Casino, a Community houses, private Luxury complex or a
 Castle with it's KINGDOM! 

All legal and services ready.
Reduced Price Ever
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  Best Buy!
San Carlos

LAND for development.
GOLF Court's Club House
 just crossing street.


LAND for SALE - GOLF Club street front
Features Specs Projects & Ideas
Panoramic Legal Downloads

  LAND for SALE - GOLF Club street front   Editor's Choice

11,950 mts2  (square meters)
 = 4.6127 sq. miles = 2.95165 acres.

Front: 50 mt  Deep/Long: 239 mt
Front: 164 feet  Deep/Long: 784 feet

+ Item: SCC-L100701

+ Located:
San Carlos
   Country Club’s main

+ Beach:
+ Elevation:  9 - 19 mts.
   Higher than all the rest¨*

+ Beach access: 
550 mts.
+ Golf Club:  Golf Front -
 Crossing street

Price: $120 usd x mt2
+ Actual Offers:


San Carlos - Properties LIST - New Guaymas Sonora Mexico All details Below

Oceanside Lot SALE, for commercial developments at just 4 Hr drive from US !
Strategic locations and lowest $$$$ price … Ever!
FULL TOUR photo Gallery

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Features  - LAND for SALE - GOLF Club street front   BUY Opportunity

San Carlos New Guaymas

Just 1 hr drive from Sonora's capital: Hermosillo.

Hermosillo SON MEXICO located at  300 Kms from US and with a well connected International Airport.




San Carlos New Guaymas

“One of the most beautiful and secure Natural Marinas in North America”

A community of retired Americans citizens and a modern town in Guaymas Sonora Mexico.

All places within walking distances

+ GOLF Court & Club House.

+ A full service
Dry Marina.

+ Commercial zone.
Hotel, food store, gas station, main Mall in town and a Bowling center.

+ New Ocean view Condos. A new development that will impact the area! 

Blvd Paseo de los Yaquis Country Club’s main Boulevard.

Has some land preparations for a development. All public services available.

+ Item: SCC-L100701

+ Beach:
+ Elevation:  9 - 19 mts.
  Higher than all the rest¨*


Specifications & Price - LAND for SALE - GOLF Club street front

11,950 mts2  (square meters)  = 4.6127 sq. miles = 2.95165 acres
Dimensions: 50 mts  (164 feet) - 239 mts (784 feet)

 Lot Price:
$120 usd x mt2

Has some land preparations for a development. All public services available.

Some Price references

There are some (X)  higher prices references in the zone for similar location.
Example (X): $150 usd x sq. mt.

Ours $120 usd x mt2 is a better location and price!

Precio del terreno:
$120 usd x

Tiene pataformas con avance de nivelación para iniciar proyectos inmediatos. Todos los servicios públicos disponibles.

Referencia de precio. A los lados existen terrenos menos atractivos (X) que se ofrecen a mayor precio. $150 usd x mt2
$120 usd x mt2 es !Mejor ubicación y precio!

Panoramics  - LAND for SALE - GOLF Club street front


Project ideas - LAND for SALE - GOLF Club street front

Some project ideas

+  For a 20 good size condos or departments

+ A building with great ocean views and golf club

Algunas ideas de proyectos
+ Para  20 condominios o departamentos de buen tamaño.

+ Un edificio con excelente vista al mar y al club de golf.
Legal -   LAND for SALE - GOLF Club street front

Libertad Gravamen  del PREDIO

Photos comes from the LEGAL PAPERS and the property its ready to be sold.

Escriturado en Hermosillo Sonora sin gravámenes y listo para escriturarse.
Downloads -  LAND for SALE - GOLF Club street front
      This page Printable version - (2400k)


"The new Secure OceanFront Place to Invest, Live or Visit"


FRAN Escobell
Senior Consultant and President
Escobell&Co REALTY


 DON'T let this opportunity pass!

Please Let us know about your interest or comments
Contact Me:

Information & Sales: Fran Escobell
Phone: + 52 1 ( 662) 125-1453

Bahia de Kino (KINOBAY ) / Hermosillo Sonora, México


   "Treasures of Sea of Cortez" 


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