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 WELCOME - New LAND for SALE OFFER  - Editor's Choice

+  Legal: Ambos libres de gravamen

+ Legal: All papers ok to be sold.

+ Item: hmo-L110000ab
+ Ciudad:
Hermosillo Son mX
+ Tipo:
Comercial o industrial
+ Ubicación: Blvd Quiroga

+ AREA1: 42000 mt2
+ AREA2: 38000 mt2
+ AREA total: 80000 mt2 (1+2)

+ Frente mínimo:
235 mt  
+ Fondo mínimo: 

$800 mn x mt2
+ Ofertas actuales:

Terrenos contiguos del mismo propietario en escrituras separadas. Sobre Quiroga a 800 mts del García Morales (casi entrada) Antes de Aurrera, Soriana y un nuevo Walmart.

+ Item: hmo-L110000ab
+ Located:
Hermosillo Son mX
+ Type:
 Commercial or industrial
+ AREA1: 42000 mt2
+ AREA2: 38000 mt2

80000 mt2  (square meters)
=  ___ sq. miles =  ____ acres.

$800 pesos MN x Mt2
$ 69 usd x m2 (could change)

+ Actual Offers:


+ AREA1: 42000 mt2   + AREA2: 38000 mt2  = AREA total: 80000 mt2 (1+2)


Growing area potential -  Área con gran potencial

Download  Specifications- Brief - (180k)
BAJAR       Resumen ejecutivo -  (181k)


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 A new and a fast growing Blvd. Important residential complex and well known national and international commercial _______ :::  Aurrerá, Soriana, Walmart...



Our strategic LANDS for SALE at and near the new Blvd Quiroga.


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Information & Sales: Fran Escobell
Phone: + 52 1 ( 662) 125-1453

Bahia de Kino (KINOBAY ) / Hermosillo Sonora, México




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